Essorb Slice PDO Spike Cog Cannula Lifting Thread (20 PCS)

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Essorb Slice PDO cog Cannula barbed thread lifting

Essorb Slice PDO cog thread is the use of Cannula PDO barbed thread, available with uni- and bi-directional cogs or barbs, is a semi-invasive method of lifting sagging skin of the face. 

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Essorb PDO cog thread lift | Cannula PDO barbed thread lifting

19G 100MM  20 PCS/Bag

Essorb Slice is the spike pdo threads in cannula. Since the end of cannula needle is round-shaped, there is little tissue damage in the process of inserting into skin.

Thus, the procedure is almost no pain and bleeding and ever after procedure, it is possible to minimize bruise and swelling in recovery period. Everline Safe is the ideal thread to give the most satisfaction to patients.

Cog threads are essentially mono threads with barbs to hook to the underside of the skin. The barbs form a support structure that lifts the sagging tissue. Unlike mono threads, cog threads do not need anchoring points. Collagen formation can also occur around the threads and their barbs. Cog threads are most effective for jawline lifting and slimming.

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Everyone Safe cog cannula PDO thread