Tok Stick 18K gold plated microneedle

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Tok stick is an effective ampoule delivery system is available with the groove of straight V-shaped line(V-groove)on the middle of each needle. V-groove is used as the path to deliver ampoules (cosmetics, solutions), and it delivery the ingredients direct into skin dermis just like mesotherapy, but you won't feel any pain during the process since the needle is thiner than hair. Tok Stick uses needles(34G, 0.18mm), which is thinner than 1/3 of a strand of hair(22G, 0.6mm), so you don't need any numbing cream before you use it, and there is no blood during micro needling process. 

tok stick

Moreover, ampoule flow as following V-groove of each needle, and it prevents from the loss of ampoules when delivering from the device to the dermis of skin. It is so much more effective than the regular micro needling system such as rollers or MTS machine.

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