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Polyderm PDO Polydioxanone powder

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Polyderm PDO powder is made for facial volumes and strengthening heavy ptosis tissues, it contains polydioxanone microspheres providing lifting and volumizing effects when injected. Polydioxanone microspheres are surgical biodegradable suture materials that has been safely used for more than 30 years in surgery.


Ingredients: Polydioxanone 

Choices of Polydioxanone  250 MG or 500 MG

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Reconstitute with 5 to 7 ml of sterile water for 250mg and 10 to 15ml sterile water for 500mg.

Made in Korea 

Polyderm PDO collagen stimulator is worldwide the first microparticle dermal filler based on polydioxanone - commonly known as PDO. Due to its unique, patented and certified technology, this innovative product is safe in application, with only minimal side-effects. Polyderm PDO collagen stimulator further impresses with its remarkable and long-lasting results.

Polydioxanone has been used as reliable suture material in medical procedures for more than 30 years. Via a unique technology, more than 1400 PDO mono threads are processed into micro particles and combined with carboxymethylcellulose. Carboxymethylcellulose is a highly tolerable and medically safe carrier substance, also used in the food industry and pharmaceuticals. It serves as a binding agent and prevents unintentional clumping.

Polyderm PDO collagen stimulator is an effective collagen stimulator and highly suited for difficult indications such as the glabella, dark circles and wrinkles in the undereye area. Polyderm PDO collagen stimulator is also the optimal solution for superficial injections e.g. in the cheek and perioral area.

Recommended: injection with a 21G – 25G cannula depending on indication.